Roma versus Carthagonova - 2004-2006

Rosell Meseguer


Since 2004 till 2006 I have been creating, proyecting and acumulating images that would make a dialogue between the Italian and the Spanish Mediterranean coast. A mirrow that leaded to comercial and social ways, a history of harbours and ships. As a tracker, I visited the Mountain Testaccio ruins, actually a fashion quartier of the Città Eterna built by bunches of tesseras, emerging from the land to the sky. They were the rests of the antique packings of oil and wine; fragments of sea salt and land.

Fragments of the personal diary, Rome 2005

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Wendy Navarro


The journey obsession, the constant “tracking” of areas, manipulating its enclaves - historical, visual- remembering that childhood mine, as a way of approaching to oneself, is often a necessary and recurrent eagerness to provide evidence. Different interpretations of the world that would let “see further”, reveal links, hidden and unexplorated ways. Maybe, “find another definition of site-transit, where the real and the virtual map superimpose, endlessly holding

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